A brightly lit LED golf ball is actually much easier to find at night, then a regular golf ball during the day

LED golf balls are activated by the impact of the golf club or you can simply bounce it on a cart path.  LED Golf Balls come in a number of different colors.

LED golf balls are activated by impact and stay lit for 30 minutes.  Hit the ball in less then 30 min and the timer resets

An LED golf ball travels about 15% less then most regular golf balls so add an extra club

Yes. In fact a more relaxed and fun atmosphere during night time takes the pressure off players to perform in front of others

Although 9 hole events are not recommended for non-golfers, our driving range events are a perfect opportunity to try golf in a party atmosphere

Each player is provided a safety LED clip for the back of the cap or shirt collar

We provide each player with a complementary mini flashlight to help find the right golf club in the bag

Yes. We have a number of 9 hole and driving range events available for public play.   See our event schedule

We host dozens of private and public events all over Southern Ontario region

Yes. We work with many courses to provide an option for your budget

Yes.  We can provide you with a number of entertaining options based on your backyard layout

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